Rethinking Research: How to Get the Information You Really Need

Do you have the information you need to make the important decisions you face? How helpful was your most recent research project with helping you understand the context for your deliberations and evaluating your alternative courses of action with fact-based information?

If your answer is “No!” and “It wasn’t helpful at all!” then it’s time to rethink how you are approaching research.

If you have ever taken a survey or participated in a focus group for a major corporation then you could probably tell what the corporation was up to. That’s because most for-profit businesses, particularly major corporations, invest almost all of their research dollars in projects designed to help them make decisions. They ask questions such as:

  • How well will this potential product be received in the market and who is our best target customer?
  • Why isn’t this product performing up to expectation and what do we need to do to fix it?
  • Which advertising campaign will perform best with our target market?

This type of research is decision-focused research because everything about the research is designed to help make an important decision. It’s a powerful approach to making sure your research dollars are well-spent.

decision focused research ebook cover

Get Started With Decision-Focused Research

I developed an easy-to-read ebook that will describe how decision-focused research works and how you can get started. It is written for the association market, but the lessons are applicable to any organization.

Decision-Focused Research for Association Executives: How to Get the Information You Really Need will show you:

  • How decision-focused research can ensure your research is asking the right questions
  • What questions to ask as you develop your research
  • Best practices for writing a research plan
  • How to decide between qualitative and quantitative research
  • What types of decisions can be made with 12 different types of survey research
  • Six things to consider when deciding if DIY research is right for your project

Download the free ebook today. And contact me to learn more.