Decision-Focused Research

decision focused research graphicThrough many years of working with clients, we have developed an approach we call decision-focused research. Decision-focused research is a methodical approach to information gathering for the purpose of understanding an issue, identifying potential alternatives for addressing that issue and gauging the potential impact of alternative courses of action. Throughout the process the focus is on the outcome—actionable results.


Your Research Plan

At the outset of the decision-focused research process we work closely with clients to identify the issues and decisions that are of greatest importance. Based on our discussions, we will write a customized research plan that describes:

approach process graphicBackground information relevant to the issues
What we already know and fact that will have an impact on the research.

Description of the purpose of the research
The decisions that will be made based on this research.

Information requirements
The specific information that must come out of the research.

Description of the research approach.

Sample plan
Who will participate in the research and our desired rate of participation.

Analysis plan
Description of the specific crosstabs and other statistical analysis that we will perform on the data or how qualitative data will be treated and reported.

Milestones and responsibilities to complete the research on schedule.

For our clients, decision-focused research means that the research report is focused on the things that matter—providing insight and answers.

You can learn more about our approach in Decision-Focused Research: How to Get the Information You Really Need.



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