Media Savvy in the Internet Era – Free Download

I find a good deal of junk on the Internet. But every once in a while I stumble across something that is so worthwhile, I have to exclaim: “I can’t believe they’re giving this away for free!”

That’s the way I felt when I came across David Henderson’s new ebook, Media Savvy in the Internet Era.

media-savvyDavid Henderson is a veteran media strategist and Emmy Award winning former CBS news correspondent. He also was a senior executive at the giant PR firm Edelman Worldwide and now hosts the website The Media Savvy Leader. So when Henderson talks about the media, I can assure you he knows of what he speaks.  Henderson also blogs at, appropriately enough, David Henderson.

The reason I found the book so refreshing is that it doesn’t take the old-school approach to public relations–sending out press releases and handing off responsibility for the company’s image and reputation to a junior level media specialist. Although the ebook seems to focus on the media, the bottom line is about the behaviors that lead to reputation–and how that behavior comes from the very top of the organization.

Certainly, his focus is on communications, but the underlying message is that taking responsibility, being authentic, transparent and honest, communicating effectively and setting an example for leadership is the responsibility of the very top levels of the organization.  His message is consistent with the fact that you get the brand you deserve. It is the market that determines your brand. But it is the leader who communicates with the market.

Henderson’s ebook is FREE! You can down load it here: Media Savvy in the Internet Era

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