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This occasional blog reflects my current thinking, venting about pet peeves and things I’m working on right now. Your comments are welcome. – Robin Maurice Wedewer


September 21, 2011

I Love You. Do You Love Me?

I was checking out of a hotel last week when I noticed a stack of customer survey cards on the front desk. Someone–one of the clerks or perhaps even the hotel manager–had highlighted the positive end of the scale of the grid questions about service, room cleanliness, etc. The message was clearly, “Rate us as…

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August 24, 2011

Is Do-It-Yourself Research Always a Bad Thing? (Hint: I offer some how-to tips.)

I was at one of those massive conferences recently and happened sit down at lunch in the trade show next to a fellow researcher. I didn’t know her so we traded topline credentials and demographic information–location, typical clients, specialties–by way of introduction. Then, as often happens these days, our conversation turned to the economy. So…

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February 13, 2011

Wedewer Group Launches Veterinarian Research Panel

We are happy to announce that The Wedewer Group has launched its new veterinarian research panel,, already one of the largest veterinary research panels in the U.S. This proprietary veterinary research panel was developed to help animal health companies get fast, cost-effective and reliable data from veterinarians, veterinary technicians and veterinary hospital managers.  Our panel…

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February 1, 2011

31 Days After: February 1 Musings on Resolutions

For the most part I’m not a proponent of making New Year’s resolutions. Resolutions suggest that you will suddenly wake up tomorrow and magically start doing X or stop doing Y.  You stay on the wagon or you fall off. You win or you lose. Frankly, most of us aren’t designed for the pressures of making resolutions.…

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December 14, 2010

Make It Easy. And Let Them Know You Care.

A non-profit pro bono client recently handled sending out their own survey invitations. Out of about 1,700 emails they sent, they got a whopping five survey responses. FIVE. Fortunately, the reasons for the dismal response rate were fairly easy to correct. They didn’t follow the two overarching rules for creating successful email survey invitations: 1) Make…

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April 28, 2010

Opposite In-Depth Interview Strategies – Same Great Results

This seems to be the season for conducting in-depth telephone interviews, probably because so many people are trying to figure out what the heck is going to happen now that businesses are struggling back to their knees following the knock-down economic punch of 2009. So I’ve been talking with business owners and consultants quite a…

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February 16, 2010

Evaluating Online Content

The Internet can be a source of valuable information without having to spend a great deal of money. But it’s also littered with inaccurate, misleading and sometimes downright false information. How do you know what you’re getting is reliable? Here are some of the ways you can evaluate the integrity of online content you find.…

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November 12, 2009

Tell Me More: The Art of the Focus Group Probe

I recently had the opportunity to observe a fairly new focus group moderator. The group participants were everyday consumers talking about a financial product that they had purchased. As the group progressed, it was painfully clear that many of the people were having difficulty expressing their ideas and making themselves understood. The moderator attempted to…

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August 4, 2009

But Don’t You Want to Know Why?

A while back I happened to be making dinner when the phone rang. It was a perfectly polite young woman conducting a research project for Amtrak. After confirming that I was, indeed, the same Robin Wedewer who regularly travels to New York City via the Northeast Regional train on Amtrak, she asked for a few…

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July 13, 2009

10 Tips to Increase Online Survey Response Rates

Whenever I work with membership organizations on surveys, they invariably ask the question, “What kind of response rate should we expect?” Although it’s not very satisfying, my response is always, “It depends.” Here are 10 ways you can increase the response rate to your next online survey. 1 – Make a habit of diligently scrubbing…

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