Research is a journey of exploration. But you still need a road map. All research should be driven by precise, clearly articulated questions that guide the inquiry.


We have conducted hundreds of surveys, from small sample projects to large projects of thousands of respondents. Although most of our clients have migrated their survey work online, there are still times when mail surveys or telephone surveys are the best option. We can help with those as well.

Our online survey software is one of the most sophisticated available, allowing for such advanced functions as question branching, regressive and progressive response piping, push and pull technology and complex formula questions. We conduct our analysis using SPSS, an advanced statistical software package.

Some of our recent survey projects have included:

  • Readership survey of a veterinary industry publication
  • Membership organization surveys
  • Segmentation survey of a financial association membership
  • Survey of food industry trade organization member representatives
  • Profile survey of U.S. veterinarians
  • International surveys of technology professionals

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