Competitive intelligence is one of the most overlooked tools in organizations I work with. Clients are often flabbergasted at what I can tell them without doing the first survey or focus group.

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence, sometimes called competitor analysis or environmental scanning, is the systematic collection, analysis and reporting of information about an organization or product for the purpose of helping leadership make informed decisions about future strategies and actions.

360 Review of Research

Competitive intelligence often involves research of secondary sources, but can also include observation and executive interviews. Competitive intelligence is often an excellent first step prior to engaging in qualitative or quantitative research.

Recent examples of some of our competitive intelligence projects include:

  • Situation analysis of a healthcare certification program, including competitive information, identification of certification best practices, statistical comparisons with competitive set credentials and interviews about future plans with other credential programs
  • Healthcare market analysis for physician services
  • SWOT analysis for membership expansion in a healthcare organization
  • Identification of competitive organizational best practices regarding membership
  • Product sales and competitive position

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